1. Departmental History

          English department has come into being since the University was established and opened in 1998. The department is organized with one lecturer/head, one assistant lecturer and two tutors.

2. Former Heads

          The existing lecturer/head Daw Yin Yin Aye is the first Lecturer/Head to manage the department and has been serving since she was appointed at the university.

 3. Faculties

  1. Daw Yin Yin Aye               Lecturer/Head                   M.A (English)
  2. Daw Kyu Kyu Aye              Assistant Lecturer              M.A (English)

(on loan from English Department of the University of Medicine, Mandalay)

  1. U Ko Ko Oo                      Tutor                               M.A (English)
  2. Daw Zin May Thway           Tutor                               M.A (English)
  3. Daw Khin Khin Shan           Tutor                               M.A (English)

4. Departmental Objectives

     For students,    

  • To gain the knowledge in a foundation course in English
  • To improve their verbal communication in a field where accurate communication is essential, understanding instructions quickly and thoroughly and executing them efficiently

5. Undergraduate and post graduate courses

  1. 1st B.N.Sc (Generic) Course
  2. 1st B.N.Sc (Bridge) Course
  3. 1st Dip. In Nursing Course

Teaching Faculties (English)

Head Of Department

Daw Yin Yin Aye

B.A, M.A (English)
Assistant Lecturer  
Daw Kyu Kyu Aye M.A (English)
U Ko Ko Oo M.A (English), B.Sc (Physics)(Q), Dip in English (MUFL), Dip. in  ELT (MU)
Daw Zin May Thway

M.A (English), B.A (English)

Dip in ELT (MU)

Daw Khin Khin Shan

M.A (English), B.A (English)(MUFL)

Dip in ELT (MU)


Curriculum (English)

        All four skills are taught in an integrated way. Language focus activities (grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation) arise out of students’ learning materials.



Teaching Hours for 1st Year B.N.Sc (Generic)
  Total  100 hrs
  Reading Skill    25 hours(hrs)
  Speaking/Listening Skill 20 hrs
  Writing Skill 11 hrs
  Grammar/Cloze 35 hrs
  Three Tests (Test-I, II, III) 9  hrs


Student Assessment

      First Year B.N.Sc (Generic) Course

Formative Assessment                                       30%

   3-hour Class Test x 3 times                                                 

Summative Assessment                                     70%

   Theory    (3 hours Paper)

   Pass mark                                                       50%

   Distinction mark                                              75%


Teaching Hours for 1st Year B.N.Sc (Bridge)

Total                                                        90 hrs

  • Reading Skill                                   18 hrs
  • Speaking/ Listening Skill                  20 hrs
  • Writing Skill                                    11 hrs
  • Grammar/ Cloze                              35 hrs
  • Two Tests (Test-I, II)                        6 hrs