Departmental History

The Department of Biochemistry was established on 28th November, 1998. The first Lecturer and Head of Department was Dr. Khin Khin Thi. She served from 21.12.1998 to 30-6-2003. Then, the department was run by Dr. Khin Win Sein as Lecturer and Head from 30-6-2003 to 6.6.2007. Now, Dr. Tin Nway Oo is the Head of Department and she has been at the post since   9-6-2010.

Departmental Objectives

At the end of the course the student should be able to:
1. acquire the knowledge of the law and principles relating to the biochemical functions
2. acquire the knowledge of fundamental molecular structures and biochemical reactions essential to human life
3. identify the nutritional problems prevalent in Myanmar

Method of Teaching

                            1st Year B.N.Sc (Generic) 1st Year B.N.Sc (Bridge)

Lecture 68 hours 64 hours
Practical 8 hours -
Class Test    9 hours 6 hours
Total 85  hours 70 hours

First Year B.N.Sc (Generic) Course
Learning Hours
Lecture        68 hours
Tests             9  hours
Practical        8  hours
Total hour   85 hours

First Year B.N.Sc (Bridge) Course
Total hour        70 hours

Teaching/ Learning materials

Lecture notes, LCD projector, White board

Student Assessment
First Year B.N.Sc (Generic) Course
Formative Assessment                       30%
3 Class Tests                        

Summative Assessment                     70%
Theory    (3 hour Paper) -    MCQ - 1hour & MSQ - 2 hours
Pass mark                                          50%
Distinction mark                                75%

First Year B.N.Sc (Bridge) Course
Term I
Formative Assessment                       30%
2 Class Tests                            
Summative Assessment                     70%
Theory (3 hour Paper) -      MCQ - 1hour & MSQ - 2 hours 
Pass mark                                          50%
Distinction mark                                75%

Teaching Faculties (Biochemistry)

Head of Department

Prof. Khin Win Sein


Former Heads

 Dr. Khin Hnin Aye  
 Dr. Tin Nway Oo 2010 - 2012
 Dr. Khin Win Sein 2003 - 2007
 Dr. Khin Khin Thi 1998 - 2003
Dr. Khaing Su Htet M.B.,B.S
Dr. Aye Aye Mar M.B.,B.S


Curriculum (Biochemistry)

First Year B.N.Sc (Generic) Course and
First Year B.N.Sc (Bridge) Course

-Introduction to Biochemistry
-Molecular Biology
-Chemistry of Blood
-Chemistry of Respiration
-Food and Nutrition
-Digestion of Nutrients/Liver and Billiary System
-Bioenergetics/ Energy/Intermediary Metabolism
-Body Fluid/Electrolytes/Acid-Base Balance
-Hormones and Calcium Metabolism

-Biologic oxidation and Bioenergetics

-Carbohydrate Metabolism

-Lipid Metabolism

-Protein Metabolism

-Metabolism of Nucleoproteins and Nucleic acids